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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Female foodpreneurs: Zareen Tasnim Omar on the success of Kavazo



Zareen Tasnim Omar, the brains behind Kavazo


I always had the knack for baking, for as long as I can remember. I started baking my first dessert – a caramel pudding – with the help of my elder sister, at the age of 7. From then onwards, I never stopped baking, continuously experimenting with one recipe or another. The first time I mustered the courage to do it professionally was back in 2012, with a lot of encouragement from my family, when I started running a home kitchen and supplying brownies and cheesecakes to a few restaurants like Food Republic and Rice and Noodles. Finally, after 6 years of mastering my skills, I started Kavazo with my school friend in 2019. My biggest inspiration has always been my family, who have also been my support system and raving fans of my dessert. 

An assortment of some of the best selling dessert from Kavazo


As a female entrepreneur, the biggest struggle one faces is getting the blessing of their family to start their venture and I am extremely lucky I had that from the get-go. My struggles were more technical, like sourcing the right people who I could train to replicate my recipes perfectly (and that’s hard to find when you are a perfectionist yourself), finding the right supplies and things like that.

A fondant cake by Kavazo


The most memorable event for me was back in 2014 when I had a stall in a food festival. I remember how a lot of people, mostly Europeans, came up to me and said that my tarts reminded them of the ones they have in France and made them nostalgic. That feeling was something else.  

My greatest achievement till date is the immense love and support I get from my customers after they try my desserts. You can never put a number to that. It always motivates me to keep doing more and keep bettering myself everyday.

In the near future I want to expand my business and open a proper french style café in Bangladesh which will hopefully be the go-to place for mind blowing desserts.


You can find Zareen Tasnim Omar on instagram @zto91 or @kavazobd


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