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Friday, December 04, 2020

Female Foodpreneurs: Faria Samreen Nizam on her passion project Crumble

The story of Crumble begins in 2016, right here in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in my home kitchen. I’ve always enjoyed being crafty and making things with my hands, and thus baking became a natural progression to express myself. I enjoyed preparing baked goods for my friends and family, and soon people who were invited to my home, started requesting I bake for them on different occasions and that led to the birth of Crumble. At first, I would refuse any form of payment. I thought to myself, I baked with so much love, how could one put a price tag on that? Secondly, I’ve always been very shy to accept money when it came to something as personal as having made it myself.

Crumble in its initial years was purely a passion project as I also help oversee my family business of KONE elevators and escalators. I was ‘that’ baker that was more focused on flavour and taste of the end products rather than how much money I was making on each item. I can’t tell you how many times other professional bakers would ask me, ‘What on earth are you doing Faria? Why are you selling it for so cheap when you use such expensive ingredients?’ They were right, but I did not really focus on the price end of things that much because I wanted to produce and sell products that represented me and the way I enjoyed eating them. Making money, as cliché as it sounds, was fully secondary if not a plus. Hinged on the same philosophy of quality goods, it has been upwards and onwards for Crumble.

The major struggle I face and continue to face is the fact that I work totally alone. From start to finish, I am the one baking and packaging the product that goes out of my kitchen. I work super hard from early mornings till the wee hours of the night. Sometimes 10/12 hours on my feet, usually before and after my full time job. It can get exhausting on certain days, but hey, I love it! It truly makes me feel alive.

There are so many wonderful moments that Crumble has had ( Alhamdullilah!), but the most precious ones are not related to the volume of units I have sold or the profit I have incurred. They are linked to the stories of Crumble’s clients. I can’t help but share a most recent incident where a client ordered cookies, and her daughter loved it so much that she took out Tk100 from her piggy bank and gave it to her mother! Priceless. These are the reasons why Crumble exists to provide a little bit of joy in everyone’s life, with each bite. In fact our tagline is to “open a box of happiness.” And this moment right here, weaves in so perfectly.

We have come such a long way from when we began. Crumble started off with cheesecakes, scones and banana bread. Till today, these three are the basic pillars of our foundation and growth. From selling two cheesecakes a day, we now do a few hundred units of items, sometimes in a few days sometimes in a single day. All this without a single sponsored ad. Every single sale is purely organic.  And there’s a reason for that. I did not want it to grow too quickly to a point where I would not be able to handle the volume. But Alhamdullilah, it’s grown to a point organically where I really cannot do this by myself anymore.

Since 2020, due to Covid-19 I have been working from home, and thus been able to give Crumble my full focus as things have been slow in the Bangladesh market for my full time job. Because of the focus I have put in this year, I can see immediate results of Crumble blossoming to new heights, and a part of me feels so guilty for not giving it my all before, and treating it as something part time or as a hobby. I vowed to change that a few months ago, and since then plans of expansion are in works with a full team of dedicated personnel. In sha Allah, fingers crossed that we keep soaring, here forth.

You can find Crumble on Instagram @crumble_bd or Facebook at, or you can also mail them at!


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