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Friday, January 22, 2021

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হোমমেড ক্যাটারিং: নারীদের জন্য অল্প পুঁজিতে অধিক লাভের ব্যবসা

ক্যাটারিং সার্ভিস ব্যবসার পরিধি বর্তমানে বেশ প্রসারিত হওয়ায় দেশের সম্ভাবনাময় খাত গুলোর মধ্যে এটিও নিজ স্থান করে নিচ্ছে।

Female Foodpreneurs: Tabana Islam on her journey to T Decor and Cheesecake &

I am Kazi Tabana Islam, owner of T Decor Event management and Chhesecake & My journey with T Decor began in January 2017 mainly out of passion. I remember being highly inspired by the process of event planning during my own wedding back in 2014. The details that go into making a wedding so grand and perfect was very fascinating to me and I realized how much I enjoyed being a part of it....

Female Foodpreneurs: Fareha Raida Islam on her love for chocolate and cheese

Awestruck by the popular movie ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ as a child and engrossed by my love for chocolate and cheese, I had dreamt of opening my very own chocolate and cheese factory one day. Two decades later, I have molded and materialized the idea into a chocolate and cheese-themed restaurant. Back in 2010, I had missed a year of school when we moved to the UAE. I invested that year in culturing my...

Female Foodpreneurs: Shababa Ishmam on her journey to Red Window and more

The 22-year-old Shababa was a confused young woman, venturing into her dream world. But the 26-year-old Shababa probably understands that dreams are hard to fulfill but the end game is always worth it. Most people, when they look at me as an entrepreneur at a young age, think I have had it easy. But the contrary is true. It would be a lie to say that creative work such as baking and cooking did not...