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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Recipes, fast and slow

Female foodpreneurs: Fareeha Chowdhury on building Sugarrush Cupcakery

  My journey with food started early on watching my mom bake and cook. Born in Bangkok, a short stint immigrating to the States and back, along with a whole bunch of travelling later, these experiences heavily influenced my palette. Plus, having an extended family full of enthusiastic foodies surely helped. I was always the one cooking for friends as a teen and the designated desserts baker for family dawats.  After finishing my undergraduate degree...

Female foodpreneurs: Samira Hamid on building her dream bistro O’Play

Having moved to Bangladesh after spending almost fifteen years in London for a sabbatical during my pregnancy, I was totally ready to join my father and sister in our family business. However, in a strange twist of fate, a chance conversation with my best friend completely changed my focus. As mothers, both of us noticed a clear gap and need in the market for soft play areas to keep our children’s activity and engagement levels...

Female foodpreneurs: Zareen Tasnim Omar on the success of Kavazo

      I always had the knack for baking, for as long as I can remember. I started baking my first dessert – a caramel pudding – with the help of my elder sister, at the age of 7. From then onwards, I never stopped baking, continuously experimenting with one recipe or another. The first time I mustered the courage to do it professionally was back in 2012, with a lot of encouragement from...

Female foodpreneurs: Nadia Lakhani’s dessert boutique

There are people who are born with sheer talent. Many even figure out what they want from the early years of their lives. I, however, took several different turns before I realised my ultimate passion to become a chef. I started with studying business for my ‘O’ levels and then dropped it all during my ‘A’ levels to pursue architecture and then miserably failed at that attempt and reluctantly started pursuing a BBA degree with...

Khichuri: the ultimate top 5

There’s something about khichuri that transports you back to lazy afternoons, warm, wet days, and the comfort of a true-blue home-cooked meal. Summoned on a wet monsoon afternoon, or a cold night in, or just about any time your heart desires, this mélange of daal and rice, is every Bengali’s ultimate soul food. Whether it’s the fluffy, light kind, with every grain tumbling down a serving spoon, or it’s the more soft, gooey kind, with...

রেসিপিঃ পটল পুলি, স্বাদে খাঁটি বাঙ্গালিয়ানা

পটল একটি পরিচিত সবজি। প্রায় সবার বাসায়ই রান্না হয়ে থাকে তরকারির সাথে মিশিয়ে। কিন্তু পটলের পুলি এমন একটি খাবার যা একদম ভিন্ন স্বাদ এনে দেবে আপনাকে।

পুষ্টিগুণ সমৃদ্ধ পনিরের রসা, স্বাদে অনন্য ও স্বাস্থ্যের উপকারী এক রেসিপি!

পনিরের পুষ্টি গুন কিন্তু অনেক। ক্যালসিয়াম, সোডিয়াম ও শরীরের প্রয়োজনীয় পুষ্টিগুণ থাকে, তাই খাবারের তালিকায় নিয়মিত রাখতে পারেন পনির।